Welcome Friend, and fellow Low Self Esteem and Social Anxiety sufferer.

My name is Devin Prijten and I’m here to tell you that your days of debilitating Social Anxiety and crippling Low Self Esteem are over. Your pain, your torment, and your anguish are over.

Your struggles and strife due to a lack of Self Confidence become a thing of the past. Your suffering stops, your distress dissolves. Your dignity and pride are soon to be restored.

Your confidence is set to soar!

You are here because – just like I did when I’d had enough – YOU have decided it is time! You have decided to take action, NOW. You have decided to rid yourself of your low self esteem and lack of confidence and claim your rightful place – for GOOD – in both senses of the word.

You are tired of the lackluster and limiting life you live, and you’ve realized…

These Limits ONLY Exist in Your Mind!
Free Yourself

The Time for Change is NOW!

If you suffer from a lack of confidence, a poor self-image, insecurities and self-doubt, and identify with the many devastating symptoms of low self esteem and social anxiety, I want you to know you are not alone.

I was once just like you.

Perhaps, in many ways, my situation was far worse – or, at best, very different.

If anyone does, I know how you feel. I’ve been there, and I’ve been in deep.

And here’s why you should listen to me, I can identify with what you are currently going through. I’ve also developed the skill set and experience that will allow me to put those pesky patterns to a complete STOP!

Our stories may be very similar, or at least we suffered the same outcome of our experiences – no self-esteem, poor self-image and anxiety.

I grew up in a small town in Texas. My family was dirt poor. We were constantly in and out of shelters. There were many times that we had to sleep under bridges. My mother was a drug addict and would often times go out and leave me alone to get her next fix. There were times she left me alone for weeks on end. I later bounced around from foster home to foster home.

And through all of this, I was bullied, I was teased, I was beat up and abused. I was neglected, cast out, a misfit and alone. As a result of this troubled childhood, you can well imagine how, and why, I developed severely low self esteem.

My experiences really shattered my life.

We are Only Victims if we ALLOW Ourselves to be…

And then a hand, quite like mine is doing right now – a kind and caring, helping hand – reached out and touched me…

It wasn’t until I meet my amazing Social Anxiety Coach that I was able to start building the life I wanted, block by block, step by step.

What I started to notice during the time I worked with him was that I was starting to be more loving of myself. I started to really respect who I was as a man and i began to show unconditional love to my self. as a result, massive action towards my dreams and I set boundaries for myself, and others.

There were many other benefits to working with a Social Anxiety and Confidence Coach, which included overcoming my perfectionism, aligning my Values, and working with someone who understood what I’m going through

I was so impressed with my results that I began to learn the skills that he was using on me, which were The Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT), The Emotional Code, and Logosynthesis.

I was completely convinced that these techniques would work for anyone, so I started to help others. Over time, I started to become so effective that my friends and family started asking for my advice!

My absolute belief in these techniques (I’m living proof), and my complete turnaround into a confident and self-loving being, have inspired me to share my skills with you. They helped me and they will definitely help you too.

It has been an incredible journey that I now invite you to take with me.

Because if I can do it… YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Your Whole LIFE is About to be TRANSFORMED!

Because you KNOW you are destined. You are destined to evolve into your most magnificent YOU, and emerge as the most confident and charismatic version of the person you have always imagined yourself to be.

I invite and encourage you to liberate yourself, starting today, as we embark upon your journey to a brand new, confidence-filled YOU.

So do it for your SELF. Do it for your BEST self.

Reach out and connect with me HERE and let’s start your transformation RIGHT NOW!

Find Out if YOU are at Risk of Becoming a Victim of Low Self Esteem

or if You Already Suffer from Social Anxiety, and…


low self esteem

Take the Social Anxiety

and Low Self Esteem Self-Test NOW

Do any of the following signs severely affect your day-to-day life and the rob you of the happiness and self-acceptance (self-love) you crave?

The 13 Significant Signs of Severe Low Self Esteem

  • You lack social skills and self-confidence.
  • You treat yourself badly, but NOT other people.
  • You often experience anxiety and emotional turmoil.
  • You experience depression and/or bouts of deep sadness.
  • You find it difficult to meet new people or approach strangers.
  • You are overly concerned by what you imagine others think of you.
  • You are awkward, embarrassed or self-conscious in social situations.
  • You find it difficult to accept compliments or praise due to low self-worth.
  • You avoid interacting with others because you think they are better than you.
  • You struggle to conform socially and are therefore inclined to withdraw socially.
  • You are hesitant to take on challenges and you expect little out of life for yourself.
  • You are reluctant to put yourself first, or anywhere, and reluctant to trust your own opinion.
  • You neglect, criticize or harm yourself and have serious (also mental) health issues as a result.

If any, or many, of these Low Self Esteem or Social Anxiety signs apply to you, you need to CONTACT ME RIGHT AWAY. Together, we’ll make them go away. We’ll make them DISAPPEAR, forever!

I’m excited to meet you, and to walk your journey of transformation with you.